The New Quantum Universe

Auteur: Patrick Walters, Tony Hey
Taal: Engels
Pagina's: 374

Uitgever: Cambridge University Press

ISBN10: 0521564182
ISBN13: 9780521564182

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Quantum mechanics gives an understanding of not only atoms and nuclei, but also all the elements and even the stars. The book explains quantum paradoxes and the eventful life of Schroedinger's Cat, along with the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox and Bell's Inequality. It then looks ahead to the nanotechnology revolution, describing quantum cryptography, quantum computing and quantum teleportation, and ends with an account of quantum mechanics and science fiction. Using simple non-mathematical language, this book is suitable for final-year school students, science undergraduates, and anyone wishing to appreciate how physics allows the new technologies that are changing our lives.